Relevant Documents and Information

1. Frequently Asked Questions

The questions received through the Public Contracts Platform's Notice Board

2. Feedback from the Market Consultation

This document is a tool to validate:
- The technological gap: the market has not available yet any off-the-shelf solution to satisfy the procuring authorities needs,
- The market interest and the PCP programme attractiveness: key matters (as budget distribution, phases’ duration, number of awarded proposals, and the risk and benefit sharing model) are reviewed with the technology providers and the feedback received is taken into account when designing the process.

3. Guidelines for Assessors

Guidelines to give assessors the information required to assess bidders’ proposals.

4. Monitoring Plan

In this document, you will find information about the Phased PCP model and the phases that DECIPHER will follow.

5. Envelope B template

With the exclusive objective to be of support to the bidders when putting together their proposals, the Procuring Entity is making available an example of template that could be used for the Technical offer document (Envelope B). Please consider this template just as an example since it is not mandatory to make use of it.

6. PHR Platforms and Interfaces State Of The Art Report

You can also download the above additonal documents as a zip file.